Saturday, April 19, 2008

Portrait of A Gentle Spirit

I took this portrait in Mexico last month. This woman came to the medical mission outreach. She was standing waiting for a family member who was getting seen by the doctor and I asked her if I could take her picture. I love this picture not because of anything I did, but because her image shows strength of character and quiet resolve. The community that was being served was extremely poor, living in lean-to's that had dirt floors. Despite the hardship, there was still gentleness in this woman's eyes. Kindness and gentleness. And I will remember her.

WPPI 2008 delayed

Okay, I know its been just about a month since WPPI. I'm slow. Really slow. But I sat down this afternoon to go through the pics and have a few to share. I had so much fun hanging out with Mariann, Dawn and Jen. I'm so glad we were able to swing that trip girls. We need another trip but no convention this time. Just our cameras!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yard Sale!

My kids have a really cool band teacher and she has a really cool husband! :) They are in a band called Yard Sale and they play a couple of times each month at Java Joe's in Yorba Linda. We went to hear them last weekend and we really had a blast. I took a few shots. Here is their website

These are teachers, administrators and counselors from El Cerrito who came to enjoy the music and cheer for the band. How cool is that?