Friday, September 28, 2007

Liberty of the Seas

Here are the last pics I will post of the trip. Our cruise was on the ship Liberty of the Seas. It was a beautiful, very large, new ship. Now it is time to get back to the real world. If you are just checking my blog to see my photography...these last four posts have been for family and friends. I'm just sharing vacation with them!

This was the Promenade on the ship. Full of stores and eateries. This was taken at night after a parade so there were a lot of people. The windows on the sides are people's staterooms and you can see the different floors in the distance. There were 15 decks in all.

We spent a lot of time here. This was the adult spa. We could see it from our balcony as it hung out beyond the ship over the ocean. Pretty cool.

Here is a girl having a blast on the flowrider system they had. People could boogie board or surf on it.

This was the kids pool area. I played in it once.

This was the main theater on the ship.

This was the main pool area. There were three, the kid one, this one and an adult only one.

This was the sunrise the morning we docked in Miami.

Monday, September 24, 2007

St. Maartin

Here are some pics from St. Maartin. It wasn't my favorite place but that might be because we had a cranky cab driver and it was extremely hot. As you can see it was also beautiful.

This is a bay on the French side.

People shared addresses so everyone writes their names on their mailboxes in paint.

Many houses looked like this one.

Coconut anyone?

The beach where we hung out on the Dutch side.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Puerto Rico

We said good-bye to Miami. This photo was taken on the ship as we floated away. The area of dense trees is where our hotel was. THERE WILL BE MORE I promise. Sorry its taking so long to get these up.

Here are some pictures of Puerto Rico I took while we were riding buses and walking the streets.

Famous Fort that proected the island.

All the roads in Puerto Rico were made of these bricks. This photo was taken at dusk.

Here are some row houses at dusk.

This is a photo I snuck as I peered into a bar. Check out those walls.

There were cats EVERYWHERE in Puerto Rico. Here is a cool shot.

At dusk this was a dead end street where locals were hanging out.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Summer Vacation

This is a posting courtesy family and friends that want to follow our trip to the Caribbean. Our hotel is great. Old 1930's place they upgraded us to an apartment so we have plenty of room. We are right on the beach. But I have to tell you about the tour we took. K - first...we are sitting on the curb waiting for a van to pick us up for the Everglades, city tour and boat ride. This guy pulls up and says, "Everglades?" and we say "Yeah!"....and got on. Talk about annoying entertainer. This guy had this little microphone that he had to plug into his cigarette lighter and he was like, "HEY...I'm Manny Miami and THIS is your tour of MIAMI! UGH....Who said that?" I think Brian and I heard "Ugh...Who said that" about 100 times during our trip to the Everglades. We were all squished into this 15 person van and when Manny had nothing to say, he played the Karaoke version of "Superfreak" and sang for us. (I'm totally serious.)
THIS IS MANNY...He kept trying to get us back into his tour....

Luckily Brian got a phone call and this guy on the other end is chewing him out for getting into the wrong tour companies van! HALLELUIA!! So after MUCH confusion, at the Gator Park we got switched into the right tour group and we were free from the psycho tour guide. But I do have to is a great story.

It was made out of an old rock quarry.




We saw everything yesterday. When we got back from all the tours, I put away my camera and we went swimming at the beach and then around 9pm walked South Beach. There were these hostesses with food platters and they would walk up to you and try to get you sit and eat at their sidewalk restaurant. Like every 10 feet there was another one of them. It was crazy. We ended up eating at a little diner away from the noise and then walked to a very cool restaurant for dessert.

Great trip so far! Today we board the ship.