Saturday, March 10, 2007

more senior pics

Here are a few more of Mr. Ormonde!

I just finished them this afternoon. He was a great model.

Most of these were shot at 2.8 with the 50mm ISO between 200-400. Some were done from the tripod. All were done with a flash and that was to make sure I had catch light in his eyes. Sometimes in order to get really nice balaced light in the back ground you have to put the model in front of the light and shoot into it a bit. That is when the flash is very necessary. If you don't like the color temp of your photos, then adjust that using your RAW interface. I know shooting in RAW can be intimidating but there is a huge benefit when you are doing portraits. I understand shooting a wedding why jpgs would be more user friendly for workflow. But I love RAW for the adjustability. Also on a few of these I adjusted the image by copying the photo into a new layer and making that layer an "overlay" then adjusting the opacity of that layer. It gives you nice saturation of color and contrast. TRY IT!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

senior pics

Hi girls,

I had a doozy of a weekend. Lets just say, I learned my back up lesson again.
Please pray for the hard drive to my mac that is on its way to the data recovery company. I had a shoot with Mr. Ormande this weekend and was really happy with the results. He was fun and Sam kept him laughing.
Here are a couple of previews. BTW: I am now burning all RAW files onto DVD before I even look at them for safe keeping. And highly recommend everyone to do the same.
God Bless,